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By Brenda Boonzaijer Plants and animals are important for many reasons; and the more variety, the better, because many organisms have uses that are still unknown to scientist. Others still have uses unknown to most people, so I hope to share those with you in this blog post. Even the plants and animals right here in North Eastern North America and Pelee Island can be used in medicine, food, tools, aesthetics, and more. Even a weed, that most people spray Round-Up on

The undulating waves in the sky rise and fall as we take a long walk around fish point and the winery. As I walk with my roommates and our two huskies, we first spot one thick wave above the lake, later another above the dock, then an extraordinarily long one above a tree line between the vineyards. The dark shapes of the islands in the lake match the colour of the ripples in the sky, the vibrant sunset colours highlighting

Hello Pelee Island! My name is Sarah Sidaway, and I completed an Undergrad honors degree at Trent University with a major in Biology. I am a divemaster and recently spent the winter in Nevis working on a dive boat. In mid May I moved to Pelee Island to start my summer working as a tour guide for Explore Pelee. Breakfast is the greatest… for someone who thought a Timmy's bagel and cream cheese and a double double was acceptable, you can

Pelee Island is one more stop on my long list of destinations; but every place is unique and the more I see, the more I want to explore and I would like to pass that excitement along. Therefore, I will not just tell you about the landscape and culture of Pelee Island as I give you the tour but also mix in my own experiences in other countries to motivate your travel and exploration!   The first thing, before you even get

Nature and Wildlife With 20% of the land protected by Provincial Park status and the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the forests and wetland are a sight to be seen. From the Chinquapin Oak and Red Cedar Savannahs to Lake Henry and Fish Point Nature Reserve, the biodiversity of the island is astounding. Towering trees and beautiful flora can be found all over these areas, evoking a deep connection to nature. The fauna are everywhere as well. Pelee is well known for its

I have officially ended my first seven days of living on Pelee Island, Ontario, and I have already gathered enough stories for several articles. However I will attempt to condense the experience into one simple piece.While I write, I am currently sitting outside enjoying the mild night that followed an incredibly hot day. The residents couldn't be more accurate about the colloquial moniker, The Canadian Keys. The evenings here are phenomenal, the Island itself seems to exhale and relax after the

After traveling the globe teaching in different countries, I returned to Canada and scooped up the first job I could, which happened to at an office. I decided to leave my cushy job to pursue my field of study in Outdoor Recreation and Education, which pays dramatically less, but I do not regret it! My passion is teaching in the outdoors and I was lucky enough to facilitate a large group of grades 4, 5 and 6 from Wheatley Public

Saturday, June 4th was the 2016 Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon, and this year the weather was near perfect. Overcast skies meant that the runners weren't terribly dehydrated, and the rain held off long enough that no one was hypothermic. Yet we all remember last year, and the monsoon conditions that made running the race so difficult. Below is Anne Marie's account of running last year's race. At 4am I’m awoken by the sounds of waves and wind howling on the

  When you land on the shores of Pelee Island you'll soon find out that it's an extremely friendly place, where everyone waves to each other. You may just think that is an expression or an exaggeration but you soon find out it is a way of life. It is similar to motorcycle drivers & jeep owners waving to each other as they cross path. A feeling of inclusiveness, that you are part of the club, 'The Island Club'. The first