Chinquepin Oak Alvar Savannah

19048682_10154418407081415_792735975_oHello Pelee Island! My name is Sarah Sidaway, and I completed an Undergrad honors degree at Trent University with a major in Biology. I am a divemaster and recently spent the winter in Nevis working on a dive boat. In mid May I moved to Pelee Island to start my summer working as a tour guide for Explore Pelee.

Breakfast is the greatest… for someone who thought a Timmy’s bagel and cream cheese and a double double was acceptable, you can imagine the intrigue when I first found out about Legion eggs benedict and Conorlee’s breakfast croissant! While not leading tours, my day is taken up with hiking and exploring, with many new habitats and species to explore.
How can I say no to stable flies and mosquitos?!
As my first blog post, I decided to give the readers a quick look at some ecosystems/habitats that have so far fascinated me.

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The first one I became familiar with is the Chinquapin Oak Alvar Savannah near Stone Road. Since my hobbies include birding, photography, and exploring this just seemed like an obvious choice!

Even though I drive down Stone Road almost every day, I still missed the small signs posting the start of the trail… twice. In my defence I blame the ring-necked pheasant I glimpsed on the side of the road! 19024588_10154418406871415_1025115702_o 19048654_10154418406131415_129311554_o

Chinquapin oaks and Shag Bark Hickory trees line the first half of the trail, and then it opens into the savannah with dogwood and mulberry bushes. Butterflies, warblers, and a few angry garter snakes call this trail home. The air almost vibrates with the trilling of red-winged black birds, and cicadas can be heard continuously.

Walking the trail will only take you about 40 minutes at a slow pace. This trail is perfect for anyone looking to get a short burst of nature in their daily diet. Its lush, green, and very peaceful! So whether its for a solo hike after work or with a group of friends, I would recommend this trail for any walker or hiker. Now I’ve just got to find another great rail to explore for my next post!