The Wave


The Pelee Wave
The Pelee Wave

When you land on the shores of Pelee Island you’ll soon find out that it’s an extremely friendly place, where everyone waves to each other. You may just think that is an expression or an exaggeration but you soon find out it is a way of life. It is similar to motorcycle drivers & jeep owners waving to each other as they cross path. A feeling of inclusiveness, that you are part of the club, ‘The Island Club’. The first few times I waved, I was hesitant. ‘Am I waving to early‘what if they don’t wave back’ or ‘I will just wait until they wave first, then I’ll wave’ are some of the thoughts that crossed my mind. Then I realized, everyone waves at each other. It really doesn’t matter if you are a tourist and don’t wave back because it is inspiring either way!

The simple wave really brings people on the island closer together and gives the tourists a glimpse of camaraderie that occurs. ‘The Pelee Wave’ occurs so naturally and spreads smiles so easily I wonder why it was such a hesitation to begin with? Why are we so prone to keep to ourselves and isolate from our community on the mainland?

I am not sure if the community chumminess is a direct result of the wave or a product of it but regardless it is a staple of Island life here.

Nate Binder and Ryan Essery coming back from planting 100 Cinquapin Oak trees on Pelee for the Nature Conservatory of Canada

The island happiness spreads throughout the community and I noticed a large difference with the dynamics of new women relationships. On mainland when women meet they are usually standoffish or begin a relationship with a competitive mindset. On Pelee Island, I have noticed that everyone is happy to get along with everyone from the moment you meet them. Someone you meet today will see you tomorrow and immediately be a great friend.  This has only been a challenge in trying to remember the names of 500 people or so I met in the last week.

The wave happiness has spread to me and I am happy to call Pelee Island my home for the season. Hope to see you on Pelee Island soon, and know I’ll be welcoming you with the famous ‘Pelee Wave’.