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Erin Says Goodbye

Erin Says Goodbye

blogpic2What an incredible summer it has been.  Pelee Island is such a magical place, filled with charming people, beautiful landscapes, and a plethora of opportunity. Having the chance to work as the Operations Manager for Explore Pelee this summer has been a truly unmatched experience.  I have grown so much over the past four months, and I am unable to express how thankful I am.

Explore Pelee is a fabulous company to work for.  The amount of people you meet each and every day certainly keeps things interesting, and no two days are ever alike.  We have the chance to interact with people from all different walks of life, and geographical locations, coming from different backgrounds and different professional industries.  The best part of interacting with our customers, is the fact that we are given the opportunity to make their day – and that is what we strive to do.  If a customer doesn’t leave us with a smile on their face, it is because they are sad that their time with us is over!

It is incredibly difficult to narrow down to my favourite moments of summer 2015, as the whole summer has been good to me.  One that definitely stands out is when I had the absolute pleasure of guiding ninety-two year old Erma around Pelee.  She said she was trying things she had never done, and Pelee was one of them! She was excited, engaged and an all-around awesome addition to my tour.  All of the tours that we get to give are light-hearted, educational and most importantly, fun!

The other services of Explore Pelee include, property management, environmental education for students, shuttle service, and networking events.  Being able to learn about efficient coordination has been very valuable to my professional development, and Explore Pelee has also allowed me to improve upon my time management, public relations, customer service, and public speaking skills. The learning opportunity provided by Anne Marie and Explore Pelee is one that will carry throughout the rest of my professional life.

Although my time working on Pelee has come to an end (after three unforgettable summers!), I will always cherish my time spent here, and I will always continue to return as a visitor. I truly believe that Pelee is a special place, and our clients see it too.  Whether you spend a day, a couple nights, a whole summer, or an entire year, Pelee will definitely leave you with a lasting impression.