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June 2015

Though this is only my second week on the job, touring Pelee always has something new to offer. Being able to show people the value Pelee can provide on a more personal level is always refreshing. I love being outside, so naturally my favorite aspects have to do with the wildlife. On our light house walk we encounter turtles, snakes, and birds, all before reaching the beach. Occasionally we encounter the worst of Pelee's traffic jams, crossing turkeys.               Discussing invasive, extirpated,

We have been busy!!! Large groups have been keeping us busy the last week, and it has been such a fun and fast-paced week. Our first group this week was a group from Great Canadian Tours who traveled from all over Ontario, to come together on Pelee Island. It was definitely an experience watching a coach bus maneuver its way through the narrow streets of Pelee, props to the driver!! (He did a fantastic job). The group was composed of

  These first couple weeks have most definitely not been dull!!! From broken down tour vans, to taxi madness, the start of the season has definitely prepared us for anything heading our way! Working for Explore Pelee has definitely changed my perspective on the day-to-day operations of a small business, and how demanding it can be. Learning the tour script was my first challenge, but came easier than I had imagined (and now I feel like a island pro!!!!!) – still