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Teri has travelled widely within North America, never really spending too long in one place. The consistent bouncing around has made her yearn for the hidden gems in this world such as Pelee Island. This is her first summer on the island, and she sees it as getting the keys to a wondrous kingdom. Studying Fish and Wildlife at Fleming College has seen her literally up to her neck in nature. Comfortable standing waist high in wetlands, cruising around in a boat checking on aquatic life, or waking up at 5am to go monitor birds; she always throws herself towards the natural splendor. For the last two summers, Teri has called Labrador home. She spent her time monitoring insect populations, conducting water sampling, and participating in aerial surveys. Whether she is in Labrador, Nunavut or the Kawarthas, Teri always tries to see and experience everything she can about those natural places. The people, the history, flora, fauna, and natural formations – which shape and guide a place towards its’ uniqueness is where Teri will inevitably be, trying to take it all in.