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Pelee Island is a rural municipality in the middle of Lake Erie, part of the Province of Ontario, and the southernmost populated point in Canada. Due to its southerly location and the moderating effect of Lake Erie, Pelee has a slightly milder climate than inland areas. Its climate is one of the mildest in Canada, and the island has long been used for vineyards and wine making. The wine industry was started here in 1860 and died out in the early twentieth century, but was restarted in the 1979 by Pelee Island Winery, which remains today the only winery on Pelee Island. The island is an agricultural based community which grows about 5,000 acres of soy, wheat, grapes and corn combined.
Given that Pelee Island is a rural, agricultural community in the middle of a lake, there are a few things you should know before visiting us:
1. We have very few services and amenities on Pelee Island. Our Co-op (grocery store) can be counted on for necessities, but it has limited hours and therefore we recommend bringing anything you might need with you in terms of food, gas, etc. There are several places to eat and lots of fun things to do! To stay up to date, download the Pelee Island App for free – it has all the information you need!
2. Pelee Island is connected by ferry service to Kingsville/Leamington on the Canadian side and to Sandusky, OH, USA. If you are bringing a vehicle to the Island, you will require reservations on the ferries for this vehicle. We recommend making reservations as soon as possible.
3. For any emergencies, you can dial 9-1-1 as normal; Pelee Island is overseen by the Ontario Provincial Police and has 2 paramedics on call at all times.
4. Due to its climate, Pelee Island is one of the most biologically diverse places in Canada, and we celebrate that fact! For your vacation, however, you should be prepared to encounter a lot of insects. We also have a great deal of birds, small animals and several different kinds of snakes that share the Island with us, so you should be prepared to see them from time to time. We do not have any large or poisonous animals, so don’t be afraid! For any specific wildlife related questions, feel free to contact Explore Pelee!
5. You should also know that many cottages use groundwater that is rich in sulphur and iron. This may cause a slight odour to come from the taps from time to time, but it is perfectly normal and will go away once the water is turned off.
Getting around
Pelee Island comprises a total of about 10,000 acres or 40 km2, and to travel the perimeter roads would be a distance of about 34km. While our Island is small, it is not exactly walkable. Bicycling is very popular on the Island, but for those who would rather drive, it is important to have a reservation for your vehicle on the ferry. If you get stuck without a car, Explore Pelee also offers a taxi service, so give us a call!
Other things to note
There is no wifi available at any of our properties, and in fact almost none of the rental properties on Pelee have amenities such as wifi, cable or satellite. However, wifi is available at the Pelee Island Artworks building, located near the Winery on East West Road.
Beach advisory: Please note that the beaches on Pelee are not groomed, and therefore it is not uncommon for garbage and debris to wash ashore from time to time. That being said, it is a wonderful place for swimming and sunbathing for the whole family, except in cases where advisories are issued with regard to water quality. Please pay attention to public announcements regarding swimming conditions, and do not swim in rough water. There are no lifeguards on duty.

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