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“Carolinian Lights” & Invasive Species

The undulating waves in the sky rise and fall as we take a long walk around fish point and the winery. As I walk with my roommates and our two huskies, we first spot one thick wave above the lake, later another above the dock, then an extraordinarily long one above a tree line between […]

Chinquepin Oak Alvar Savannah

Hello Pelee Island! My name is Sarah Sidaway, and I completed an Undergrad honors degree at Trent University with a major in Biology. I am a divemaster and recently spent the winter in Nevis working on a dive boat. In mid May I moved to Pelee Island to start my summer working as a tour […]

The Pelee Island Comparison Tour

Pelee Island is one more stop on my long list of destinations; but every place is unique and the more I see, the more I want to explore and I would like to pass that excitement along. Therefore, I will not just tell you about the landscape and culture of Pelee Island as I give […]

Making your trip to Pelee Island fun, informative, and hassle free!