Barefoot Bachelor












Here at Explore Pelee we take pride in knowing that we are helping people safely enjoy their vacation and island getaways. We thrive on being Canada’s Most Southern Taxi Drivers. This past weekend we fittingly found of pair of Canadian themed flip flops in our taxi by the end of the night! A true sign of a good weekend. One only knows the story of these flip flops. If you can identify them, please let us know. We’d love to reunite the flip flops with their owners! This will be the first of many blogs about being privileged to taxi around everyone on their holidays. We feel lucky to drive past the vineyards, slow down as you snap a picture of the beautiful sunset, or better yet, getting a bus load of enthusiastic tourists singing to some old time rock and roll tunes between the bars. The nightlife on Pelee is pretty fun and we encourage you to come check out the live music at either the Westview Tavern or Scudder Beach Bar & Grill on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Hope to see you on Pelee Island this summer and that you enjoy the benefits of being barefoot if you happen to loose your floppy floppies!



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