Loving our New Winter Hiking Series!

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This year we are excited about featuring different conservation areas in the Essex County region. Also, it’s just an excuse to get out, go for a nice Sunday afternoon hike, meet like-minded people, exercise the dogs and beat those winter blues while checking out a different location each month!

In January we featured Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley. We had over 50 people and 12 dogs show up! Great turnout to launch our first hike. Thanks to all who joined on such a chilly afternoon. This past weekend we featured Black Oak Heritage Park in Windsor. Huge contrast driving up to each of them. Wheatley featured a nice county road drive and well wooded area, kilometres of trails to choose from. While Black Oak is set amongst industrial and manufacturing area, not as romantic getting to the parking site, and a bit tricky as a few people got lost or had a hard time finding it. Sorry you missed it folks! We still had 15ppl and 6 doggies come. Great to see familiar faces and some new faces too! We wanted to have something close to the city, so that those interested didn’t have too drive far to get to the hike. However, it seems like more folks preferred the drive to the county.

What we learnt about Black Oaks Heritage Park is that it’s a protected natural area that supports one of Canada’s Most Endangered Ecosystems. The Black Oak Savannah. I’m a geography geek and love Savannah’s- so this tickled my eco-fancy- if there is such a thing!

We look forward to the next Hiking Series which will be March 29th. We hope to feature a Birding Tour with one of our amazing and knowledgeable guides. Stay tuned for location in the county to be announced. In the meantime, make sure you get a daily dose of the outdoors. Spring is just around the corner, but you might as well enjoy the winter while it’s here. It goes by quicker- I promise!



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