Pelee Island History 101

School may be out for the summer, but Explore Pelee takes life-long learning out of the classroom and into the great outdoors!

Lesson One

Did you know that Pelee Island used to be three separate islands connected through marshland? Over half of Pelee Island is below lake level!

In 1878 Lemuel Brown and John Milton Scudder visited Pelee Island and decided to attempt draining the marshland. They bought the “Big Marsh”, a total of 4000 acres, from the McCormicks for only $2/acre. It took 7 years to excavate 12 miles of canals and dykes. After draining the land and installing clay tiles in the fields, the soil became very fertile and perfect for farming. That is why even to this day Pelee Island is major agricultural community with half of Pelee’s 10,000 acres as farmland.

Cool, right?!

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