The 2014 Explore Pelee Season Begins!

The Island is waking up from a blustery winter and is now open for all to explore this Canadian gem! The buds on the trees are expanding daily and new blooms can be seen island wide. Beware of goose crossings at Lighthouse Point as Mothers lead trails of goslings from the wetlands of Lake Henry to the pond at Wave Crest B&B. Spring is the perfect time to witness the vast and diverse wildlife that Pelee Island has to offer.

Our 2014 tour season was kicked off with school group tours from Bishop Strachan School (Toronto), Catholic Central High School (London) and Harrow Heights and we are also looking forward to biking around the island with Riverside High School next week.

We would also like to welcome our newest staff member, Bernie! Born and raised on Pelee Island she has first-hand knowledge of island life. Bernie is a business student at the University of Windsor and along with giving tours she will be earning a co-op credit by keeping our books in good order!



Girls from the Bishop Strachan School at the Lighthouse!

Girls from the Bishop Strachan School at the Lighthouse!


Post by Jilda Farias



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