New for 2012…Birding Tours!!

Renowned birder Rob Tymstra leads our new Birding Tours. $125/half day (7am – 11am). Groups meet at West Dock, must pre-book in advance. Tours available from May 1st – 21st 2012 only!

Rob Tymstra is a keen birder who roams the planet in search of birds. He’s spotted over 5100 species in 60 countries, but Pelee Island remains one of his favorite birding spots and he wouldn’t dream of missing the spring migration there. Rob has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree from the University of Waterloo and is a Fellow of the Explorers Club. He’s seen more species of birds on Pelee Island than anyone and knows all of the secret bird spots. Rob enjoys sharing his knowledge and especially loves to see the thrill new birders get upon finding birds they’ve never spotted before.

Pelee Island is one of the world’s finest areas to bird, especially in May when myriads of birds stop on their way north to their nesting grounds. Lighthouse Point and Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserves are two of the best birding areas, but Rob knows of several other good spots where elusive birds may be hiding. If you’re lucky, you might witness a spring reverse migration, a mysterious phenomenon where birds temporarily fly south instead of north. On a good day with a bit of luck and hard work, it’s not tough to spot over 100 species of birds, including several colourful warblers and tanagers, as well as orioles, grosbeaks, and hopefully some rarer species.



Making your trip to Pelee Island fun, informative, and hassle free!